Rachmil (Abt. 1790 - Bef. 1856) Brucker Family


(Kaiser Wilhelm II brought over Max & Emile (Rachmil), 1903, Lottie and Rachmil, 1927, Rachmil & Leontine's tombstone,
Rose Weinert Brucker Herman and family, 1906)

The St. Paul/Los Angeles Bruckers start with a Rachmil Brucker born about 1790 in Radauti, Romania.

Below is the early family tree, color coded by generations.

The second Rachmil Brucker, born 1857, had three to five wives and at least nine children all of which either immigrated to or were born in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Most of the St. Paul Bruckers moved to Los Angeles in the 1940's.  Some remain in Minnesota.

We are searching for the brothers/sisters and other children of the first Rachmil.

See Brucker Family Tree for more.

The " * " after a name denotes an assumed relationship, i.e. no direct evidence is known.


Izadore Brucker* (b. 1765-1775?)                      m. Chaje
* (b. 1805, d.1879)                            m. Scheindel Wagner (b. 1807- d.1879)


  Rachmil Brucker* (b. Abt. 1790-1800)             m. Nessie (b. Abt 1800)
    Itzig Brucker*
(b. Abt. 1825)                         m. Sossie Ellbogen (b. Abt. 1837)
        Henie Ruchel Brucker*
(b. Abt. 1855)       m. Smil Israel Klein
     Rachmil Brucker (b. 1857 d. 1927)            m. Minze Graubart (b. Abt. 1860)
Taube (Tina) Brucker (b. 1880, Radauti)
                                                                        m. Rose Weinert (b. 1865)
            Max Brucker (b. 1883, Brassov)             m. Anna Feller (b. 1894, Radauti)
            Alex (Soloman) Brucker (b. 1884, Brassov) m. Freida Tilman
                                                                        m. Rose Schwartz
      m. ? in France
            Arnold Brucker (b. 1895, Paris?)
                                                                        m. Leontine Haguenauer (b. 1872)
            Yvonne Brucker (b. 1901, Paris)
            Alice Brucker (b. 1903, Paris)
            Nellie Brucker (b. 1908, St. Paul)
            Harry Brucker (b. 1906, St. Paul)
            Ben Brucker (b. 1915, St. Paul)                
        Rifka Scheindel Brucker* (b. Abt. 1860)  m. Chaim Gartner
        Jankel Jacob Brucker*
(b. 1863- d. 1877)
        Dina Brucker* (b. 1867)
        Nessie Brucker* (b. 1870)
        Sifra (Schifre) Brucker* (b. 1872- d. 1877)
    Hersch Brucker* (b. 1840- d. 1874)          m. Beila
        Marjim Brucker*
(b. 1861- d.1865)
Chaje Dankner
        Nessie Brucker* (b. 1864)
        Lea Brucker*
        Soloman (Schloime) Brucker*
(b. 1866- d. 1867)
    Jankel Brucker*
(b. Abt. 1830-1840)        m. Chaje (b.?)
        Beila Brucker*
(b. 1859)                     m.  Litman Brucker
 Scheindel Brucker* (b. 1880-1881)
    Leiser Brucker*
(b. 1840- d.1880)        m. Lea (b. 1846- d.1870)
        Gittle Brucker*
(b. 1860)
        Abraham Brucker* (b. 1863- d 1864)
        Sania (Sarva) Brucker* (b. 1866)
        Rachmil Moses Brucker* (b. 1868- d. 1872)
        Michel Jossel Brucker* (b. 1869- d. 1880) 
m. Fruma Furst
        Schloime Brucker*
(b. 1873- d. 1875)
        Hersch Mendel Brucker*
(b. 1875- d. 1876)
        Jossel Brucker*
(b. 1877- d. 1880)


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