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The St. Paul/Los Angeles Brucker Families
1857 to 1951
Rachmil | Tina | Max |Alex | Arnold | Yvonne | Alice | Harry | Ben

Max Brucker
(born in Besztercze,
Hungary 1883, d. 1951)

Son of Rachmil Brucker

Anna Feller
(born in Radautz,
 Romania 1894, d. 1971)

Max Brucker (Rachmil Brucker and his second wife, Rose Weinert's son)  immigrated to St. Paul in 1906.  He stayed with his half sister, Tina Berkovitz.  Anna Feller, who is believed to be a cousin of Tina's, came to St. Paul, with her brother Adolph Feller, in 1908 and was introduced to Max by Tina.

Max and Anna married in 1911 and had five children.  Their third child, Fred, died in a home accident in 1921.  Max and Anna and their children all moved to Los Angeles in the 1940's.













Rachmil Brucker (b. 1857 d. 1927)





m. Rose Weinert (b. Abt. 1860)





Max Brucker (b. 1883, Brassov)




m. Anna Feller (b. 1894, Radauti)





Milton Brucker (b. 1912)






Shel Brucker






Alex Brucker




Fred Brucker (b. 1915- d.1921)




Irving Brucker (b. 1916- d.2001)






Arlen Brucker





Charles Brucker (b. 1921)






Linda Brucker






Marla Brucker






Michelle Brucker






Barry Brucker





Esther Brucker (b. 1927- d.1970)






Jonathon Stone






Ann Stone


If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families in our tree, please contact:
Shel Brucker



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Max and Anna

Max and Anna's Wedding Picture 1911
Max & Anna's Wedding Party 1911
Max and Anna's Children

Milton Brucker abt. 1935

Esther Brucker abt. 1944

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Shel Brucker