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The St. Paul/Los Angeles Brucker Families
1857 to 1927
Izadore | Tina | Max |Alex | Arnold | Yvonne | Alice | Harry | Ben

Rachmil Brucker (b. 1857, d. 1927)

Minze Graubart (b. 1858, d.1930?)
Rose Weinert (b. 1865, d. 1982?)
unknown wife (?)
Leontine Hagaunauer
(b. 1872, d. 1933)

Jankel's son, Rachmil Brucker, named after Jankel's brother Rachmil, is the progenitor of a large family that both immigrated to and was born in the U. S.  This will be supported by a set of assumptions to be included to this page later.

Rachmil, named Emile, when he lived in Paris and Emil, in the U. S., had at least four wives and had nine (9) known children who all lived in the U.S.

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Rachmil Brucker (b. 1857 d. 1927)


m. Minze Graubart (b. Abt. 1860, )



Taube (Tina) Brucker (b. 1880, Radauti, d. 1964)


m. Rose Weinert (b. Abt. 1860, d. 1931)



Max Brucker (b. 1883, Brassov, d. 1951)



m. Anna Feller (b. 1894, Radauti, d. 1971)




Milton Brucker (b. 1912)




Fred Brucker (b. 1915- d.1921)




Irving Brucker (b. 1916- d. 2001)





Charles Brucker (b. 1921)





Esther Brucker (b. 1927- d.1970)



Alex (Soloman/Schlomo) Brucker (b. 1884, Brassov, d. 1944)




m. Freida Tilman (b.1889 Stanislawowie, d. 1923 St. Paul)




Lottie Brucker (b. 1909, Stanislawowie, Poland)




m. Rose Schwartz (b. 1893, d.


m. Unknown wife in France



Arnold Brucker (b. 1895, Paris?, d. 1982)


m. Leontine Haguenauer (b. 1872, France, d. 1933 St. Paul)




Yvonne Brucker (b. 1901, Paris, d. 1987 Los Angeles)




Alice Brucker (b. 1903, Paris, d. 1968 Los Angeles)




Nellie Brucker (b. 1908, St. Paul, d.?)




Harry Brucker (b. 1906, St. Paul, d. 1964)




Ben Brucker (b. 1915, St. Paul)                



If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families in our tree, please contact:
Shel Brucker



updated 3/23/02

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Rachmil's Children
Tina Brucker Bercovitz 1900? - France?
Max Brucker 1910 - St. Paul

Alex Brucker 1908 - Stanislawowie, Poland

Arnold Brucker abt. 1917
U.S. Army

Ben Brucker
about 1935

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Shel Brucker