Brucker Business Card from before 1925

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Thanks to the many people who responded with help in translating the card.

The card shows a business in Fine Woman's clothing (Couturier).
The business won a Gold Medal for excellence at a Trade Show.
There is a Register of Commerce No.: Seine No. 78 436
The address is in the Haut Couture area of Paris, 4 Boulevard Malesherbes. (the building still exists).
Ascenseur means that there is an elevator, which was not common at the time.
The telephone number is Central 16-72, which was before there was automatic switching systems in Paris.

And thanks to Renee Payne who kindly, at the National Archives in Washington DC, looked up the Paris
telephone listing and found it active in 1925!

Back: The back of the card reads in Old (Gothic Script) German as transcribed by
Ernest Kallmann,
Cercle de Genealogie Juive, Paris, France

"Wenn Du kannst Commissionnaire wird kaufen schöne Kleider in Paris soschicke sie zu
 mein Schwiegersohn er macht die schönsten Modelle RogerBernard Bercovici 279 rue St Honoré Paris."

The building still exists!

English translation and comments by a friend and resident genius Dr. Sandy Weimer:

"As written, it is a bit ungrammatical, but the spellings as given are ok.  There is an intimate relationship implied by
the use of Du.  Punctuation is muddled which screws up the translation."

Literally it reads:

"If you can 'commissionaire' will purchase pretty clothes in Paris so send them to my son in law
he makes the prettiest styles." 

The use of the word commissionaire in place is odd and may be a misuse or special jargon in the schmotta trade as used.

The name Bercovici was changed to Bernard.

Note: Rachmil Brucker's first daughter, Tina, married a Herman Bercovitz and lived in St. Paul. Bercovici is the Romanian spelling of Bervovitz.

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