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Welcome to
The Brucker Family originating in Radauti, Romania

We have found many families in the United States, Canada, Romania, Israel and Germany with the name of Brucker, who derive from a Brucker ancestor or who have other names from intermarrying with our family. 

These Bruckers and related families all originated in the small village of Radautz, Bukovina, Austro-Hungary (now Radauti, Romania).

They were all tailors!

They were prolific, accounting for up to 10% of the Radautz Jewish population in 1880.

This web site will:

  • Outline a history of these families and the village they lived in
  • Present a Master Tree of all the families starting with the five earliest Bruckers in 1760 to 1790
  • Present family trees and historical information for the many Brucker families around the world
  • Provide research and other related information
  • Provide a contact email list for all the families and potential inquires

If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families
in our tree, please contact:
Shel Brucker or Bruce Reisch


Pictures of Radautz by
Bruce Reisch

The Great Temple in Radauti

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Shel Brucker