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The First Brucker Families - 1755 to 1774
Strul Wolf Brucker
(born about 1770, died 18?)

Bruce Reisch (New York family) has research his family background and has developed his tree that starts with Strul Wolf Brucker in the village of Radautz.

We have added the assumption (for now) that Resi, Ruchel, and Abraham Brucker were also the children of Strul Wolf.  This will be supported by a set of assumptions to be included to this page later.

Go to Strul Wolf Brucker's Families for more information or click on the family location highlighted in blue below.

The off spring and marriages of the children of Strul Wolf Brucker:













Strul Wolf Brucker (b. abt 1770)





m. Chaje Sure









Resi Brucker (b. 1806- d.1866)





Ruchel Brucker (b. 1809- d. 1861)





Moses (b. 1808, d.18??)                           





m. Scheindel Wolf (b. 1813)






Raphael Bruker, b. 1842, d. 1906


New York




Schaje (Simon) Brucker, b. 1844,







m. Rosy Bruch (b.







Dvora Bruker, b. 12 September 1858






Abraham Brucker (b. 1824- d. 1880)


New Jersey




Mendel Brucker (b. 1844, d.18??)                           







Babi Furman (b.








m. Henie Mehler, b. 1851






Menachem Mendel Brucker (b. Abt. 1840- d.?)








Israel Wolf Brucker (b. Abt. 1864-1877)   

Descendant and Current families are shown in the blue boxes.  Link to them for their trees (
coming soon).

* Assumed Relationships.

Historical Data developed by
Bruce Reisch
Bruce's Brucker/Radautz Research





Pictures by
Bruce Reisch

Hinda Brucker's (daughter of Simon) house abt. 1880

Mendel Brucker

Copyright Shel Brucker & 2001
Shel Brucker