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The First Brucker Families - 1755 to 1774
Izadore Brucker
(born about 1765 to 1775)
Laizer Litman | Rachmil

We know from actual records that Izadore Bucker married a woman named Chaje and had a son named Schloime.  It  is assumed that Izadore also had another son named Rachmil Brucker.

We also know that Rachmil Brucker had a son, Itzig.  We believe that he had two other sons, named Hersch Mendel and Leiser Brucker.

We believe that Schloime Brucker had two sons, Laizer Litman and Jankel Brucker, from whom derive the Philadelphia and Los Angeles families.

This will be supported by a set of assumptions to be included to this page later.

Izadore Brucker and his children














Izadore Brucker (b. 1765-1775?-d. bef 1825?)                     




m. Chaje









Rachmil Brucker (b. Abt. 1790-1800- d. bef. 1857?)





m. Nessie (b. Abt 1800-d. bef 1870)







Itzig Brucker (b. Abt. 1825)







m. Sossie Ellbogen (b. 1831








Hersch Mendel Brucker (b. 1840- d. 1874)







m. Beila










Leiser Brucker (b. 1840- d.1880)       







m. Lea (b. 1846- d.1870)









m. Frima First/Furst (b. 18??- d.)





Schloime Brucker (b. 1805, d.1879)                           





m. Scheindel Wagner (b. 1807- d.1879)




Laizer Litman Brucker (b. Abt. 1829 - 1932)







m. Berthe Shimmel (b. 1855-1900)


St. Paul/Los Angeles


Jankel Brucker (b. Abt. 1830-1840)






m. Chaje Fuhrman (



Descendant and Current families are shown in the blue boxes.  Link to them for their trees (
coming soon).

* Assumed Relationships.

If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families in our tree, please contact: Shel Brucker

Historical Data developed by Bruce Reisch
Bruce's Brucker/Radautz Research



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