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Newly Found Brucker/Lehrer family in Israel!

The First Brucker Families - 1755 to 1774
Israel Brucker
(born 1762, died 1857)
Lea | Leib*

We know from actual records that Israel Brucker married a Dure (Anna) and had a daughter in 1835 named Lea.  It  is assumed that Israel also had a son named Leib Brucker.

Lea married a Moses Lippe Lehrer in 1876 at the age of 41.  That is all the information we had about Lea... until April 2002 when we received an email from a descendant of Moses Lippe Lehrer in Israel.  He confirmed that Moses and Lea were his great great great grandparents (ggg-grandparents).

We have found the family tree for one of the First Bruckers, Israel Brucker, and look forward to filling in the full tree to this page in the near future.

Israel Brucker and his children

Israel Brucker (b. 1762- d. 1857)






m. Dure (Anna)








Lea Brucker (b. 1835)







m. 1850, Moses Lippe Lehrer (b. 1829- d.






Israel-Zeev Lehrer (b. 1850? )






Moshe Lippe Lehrer (b. ?




Refael (Rafael?) Lehrer (b. 1876 )




m. 1876, Jite Ruchel Tobel  (b. 1856- d.

      Schloime Lehrer (b. 18? )  



 *Leib Brucker (b. 1820)



* Assumed Relationships.

If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families in our tree, please contact: Shel Brucker

Historical Data developed by Bruce Reisch
Bruce's Brucker/Radautz Research



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Shel Brucker