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Brucker Family Given Names
1774 to 1890

The following is a list of the many given names for family members in Radautz and their English/American equivalents

These have been extremely useful in tying together individuals in our tree.

To add to or modify these names please contact: Shel Brucker

Given Name American Equivalent
Babi Bertha
Beila Bella, or anything with a "B"
Berl/Beryl  Could be Barry, Bernard, etc. Note:  Hebrew would be "Dov Ber", if correct.
Chaje  Clara, Klara, etc.  Today, it could be anything with a "C";  note this name is most often found in tandem with "Sara/Sura", as in "Chaya Sarah".
Chana usually Hannah, Anna, Anne, etc.
Chaim Hyman, Herbert, etc.
Czarne/Czarna Shirley, etc.
Ester Esther
Feige Florence, Fanny, Fern, etc.
Fruma could be anything with an "F"
Henie anything with an "H"
Isadore/Izadore Itzik/Yitzchak/Isaac or Israel/Srul
Itzig/Itsig/Yitschak Isaac, Irving, Isadore, etc. etc.
Hersch/ Harry, Harold, etc.
Jankel Jack (usually) - this is the Yiddish for Yacov, Jacob
Jacob/Yacov Jack (usually) Jacob, etc. (completely arbitrary)
Jossel Yiddish for Yosef (Hebrew) = Joseph
Joseph Hebrew is Yosef = Joseph, Joe, etc.
Laizer Eliezer (Hebraic).
Lea/Leia would be Lila, or anything with an "L"
Litman  is probably Yiddish; I don't know the Hebrew equivalent; all I see is Lipman/Lippman = "Lieber" - ???
Marjim probably Miriam
Max Could be Morris, Max or anything with an "M"
Mendel Mendy, or anything with an "M"
Moses Moishe, Moshe, Morris, Max, or anything with an "M"
Rachmil/Emile Emil - or,  could be anything that the family chose, very likely with an "R"
Resi  Rose, Rosi, Rosa, Reizel etc.
Rifka/Rifca/Regina Rita, Regina, Reggie, etc.
Ruchel   Rachel
Schaje/Schaye from Hebrew "Yeshayah" , Isaiah, Samuel
Shloime/Solomon Shlomo
Sosye/Sossie/Sara/Shoshana Sophie, Susan, Sara, or anything with an "S"
Sure/Sara Sara/Sarah
Strul/Srul "Strul" is a diminutive of Yisroel, Israel, "Srul", and would probably be Issie or anything that the family chose with an "I".
Tauba/Tobka/Tillie/ Tina, Toby, Tillie, or anything with a "T"
Yaachov definitely Jack or Jacob
Yisroel/Srul/Israel see above "Strul" or "Srul"

If you believe that you may be in any way related to the Brucker or other families in our tree, please contact: Shel Brucker

Historical Data developed by Bruce Reisch
Bruce's Brucker/Radautz Research



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