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The First Brucker Families - 1755 to 1774
in Radautz, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary

Research into the civil records of Radautz, now Radauti, Romania has identified 5 first generation  Bruckers that were born between 1755 to 1774 and 14 second generation Bruckers.  They all appear in Radauti records (post 1857).  It is our assumption (for now) that:

  1. The first generation in the 1700's, with the new surname, Brucker, are siblings or first cousins.
  2. Some relationships are assumed (noted with an "*"), based on best guesses and information.
  3. All the future Bruckers are derived from this first generation list of 5 and second generation of 13.

The First Brucker Family* 

David Ber Brucker
(b. 1755-1776?) m. Zippa
*   Rafael Brucker (b. 1790-1800?)
*   Czarne Brucker
(b. 1793- d. 1875)
Sara Brucker (b. 1796, d. 1879)=

Izadore Brucker (b. 1765-1775?) m. Chaje
*   Rachmil Brucker (b. 1790-1800?) 
    Schloime (b. 1805, d.1879)  Ancestor of Rachmil Brucker family.

Strul Wolf Brucker
(b. abt 1770) m. Chaje Sure
*   Resi Brucker
(b. 1806- d.1866)
*   Ruchel Brucker (b. 1809- d. 1861)
(b. 1808)   Ancestor of Brucker, Reisch, Schachter, Halpern family.
*   Abraham Brucker (b. 1824- d.1880)
*   Menachem Mendel Brucker (b. 1840- d.18?)
    Mendel (b. 1844)   Ancestor of New Jersey family.

The Second Brucker Family

Israel Brucker
(b. 1762- d. 1857) m. Dure (Anna)
*   Leib Brucker
(b. 1820?)
Lea (b. 1835)

Feige Brucker (b. 1774- d. 1864)**

* Assumed Relationships.
**We have no information about Feige Brucker, other than her birth.  We assume she married and had offspring with her husbands surname.

Historical Data developed by
Bruce Reisch
Bruce's Brucker/Radautz Research





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Shel Brucker